contact with women immediately increases testosterone in men

After 300 seconds alone in the same room as a woman they had never met before, and in some cases did not find particularly attractive, the men’s testosterone levels of the hormone had shot up by an average of around eight per cent. The rising levels may then fuel more visible changes in male behaviour that occur in the presence of a woman, including a squaring of shoulders, an upright posture, and greater use of hands – and even, it is suggested, a flaring of the nostrils. Men who were rated as more aggressive or dominant types had gone up even higher. Saliva tests showed that testosterone levels rapidly increased by an average of 7.8 per cent after the five minute contact with a woman. The men were also asked to rate the attractiveness of the woman in the room, and the results show that the testosterone increase was not influenced by the perceived attractiveness of the women. The results also show that testosterone levels did not change when they were in the room with another man.


First posted: THURSDAY, JULY 24, 2008


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